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The Latest News on Google’s Mobile-First Index

  “We’re thinking about how we can make sure we only include in the mobile-first index sites that won’t be hurt by the…
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4 SEO Myths Business Owners Need to Know

4 SEO Myths Business Owners Need to Know   By guest author Tina Courtney in Business Featured SE Optimization SE Tactics     “[A] website without visitors is like…
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The Anatomy of An “Elevator Speech”

by Martin  This article should provide every entrepreneur with insights about 1) what is an elevator pitch, 2) 7 major components of a…
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Top 10 Hurdles Facing Bloggers

        Top 10 Hurdles Facing Bloggers 1. Technical Know How   Start simple and grow your knowledge and skills as…
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5 Questions to Ask when choosing a Web Designer

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Designer Full disclosure: I sell websites. Every day, I meet with companies who are looking…
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How to become a Certified Woman Owned Business

So, you’re a woman and you run a business. In the pool of privately-held small businesses in this country, being a women business…
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23 Facts You need to know about Facebook

If you think Facebook is dead, think again I recently ran across this article by Michelle Grigsby. It blew me away and I…
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(Infogram) Data Never Sleeps. What is Your Data doing for you?

Conclusion: As you can see by this infographic, your data never sleeps. The question becomes: What type of data are you producing? Are…
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How To Write for SEO Content

How to Write SEO Content Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase webpage visibility and traffic for a…
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